Data removal

Only for users of the free "Basic" plan

For reasons of data minimisation, unused free accounts will be irretrievably deleted after a waiting period; we do not earn any money with your private data.

You can prevent deletion by using your time-tracker at regular intervals.

Why we delete data

Many people silently accept that using the internet is a threat to their privacy; that their private information is sold for money and abused by big tech. Not with us: we don't do that. We fight against it! We do everything possible to protect your data. One of our strongest weapons in protecting your data is to delete it, once you don't use it any longer.

Sounds scary? Not to us. We believe that deleting unused data is the best way to prove to everyone that our business is not about collecting user accounts. We want to give you a secure working environment. Privacy first is one of the most important rules for us. There is no investor behind us, so we neither have nor want to fake our numbers with expired accounts! We can make our own rules.

And one of these rules is: You have to log-in once a month and enter a time record.

If you don't follow that rule, you will receive a warning message that Your Cloud is unused. After receiving that email, you have 4 more weeks to log in and enter a timesheet. If that still does not happen, your Cloud will be irretrievable deleted.

This process applies to free users only. Paying customers pay us to host Kimai - their data is protected and will never be touched.

Missing your login / cloud?

You can ask for details, but unfortunately we can't provide any. We take the GDPR seriously and if you don't use Kimai, we erase your data entirely. We don't know if you had an account in the past. If it is not there, but you are sure it existed, then it was removed by our data protection processes.

You can always register a new account and cloud if you want to. But please make sure that you read our emails the next time. We don't spam, we just send important updates regarding your cloud.

Warning emails

Kimai will send out warning-emails that your cloud is unused with further information at the following dates:

  • within two weeks after trial period ended, and your last login is older than 20 days
  • last used, either login or last timesheet more than one month ago

If you no longer need your Kimai cloud, you don't have to do anything: one month after the warning-email your cloud and your account will be completely deleted.

Data protection for paid customer

Data for paid accounts is safe. Paying customers and accounts that had a paid plan in the past are protected and will never be touched by this process.

Data from accounts that have used a paid plan in the past can be deleted upon request.

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