News in the year 2021

What's new on our platform? Here you find our announcements for all Kimai Cloud users

New feature: custom domain

2021-06-16, 22:00

Today a new feature was released for all paying customers: support for own domains.

With the help of this feature you can run your time tracking not only under, but also for example under …

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Cloud update on 21 - 23 May 2021

2021-05-21, 20:00

During the weekend between 21 and 23 of May 2021, all cloud instances will be updated to the latest Kimai version.

Your cloud will be placed in maintenance mode for a short time during the update. If you have questions or encounter any problems, …

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New feature: invoice emails

2021-05-06, 12:00

Dear customers, today a new function has been activated: You will receive an e-mail for new invoices.

This email contains a link to download the invoice after you have successfully logged-in.

Thank you for requesting this feature! This allows …

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Scheduled maintenance 24.-25 April

2021-04-23, 17:00

During the weekend between 24th and 25th of April, we need to run some maintenance task on the Kimai cloud.

This might lead to short outtakes, which we try to keep to a minimum.

If you encounter any issue, please contact the support!…

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Cloud Updates - Week 07 - February 2021

2021-02-16, 12:30

In the 7 week of 2021, between 15. - 21. of February, all cloud instances will be updated to the latest Kimai version.

Your clouds might be in maintenance mode for around 1 minute during the update. In case of any question or problem, please cont…

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New address - changed terms and invoices

2021-01-09, 21:00

Dear Kimai Cloud customers, today I want to inform you about an update on changed billing regulations and an adjustment in the terms and conditions.

Recently we (my wife, me and our daughter) moved from Munich in Germany to Vienna in Austria. As…

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