Cloud update on 21 - 23 May 2021

2021-05-21, 20:00

During the weekend between 21 and 23 of May 2021, all cloud instances will be updated to the latest Kimai version.

Your cloud will be placed in maintenance mode for a short time during the update. If you have questions or encounter any problems, please contact our support.

Watch out for the following changes

  • A new translation language was added: Greek
  • Prevent overbooking of budgets (can be deactivated)
  • Differentiate between billable and non-billable timesheets
  • Duplicate timesheet entries via dialog for immediate adjustments
  • Create bookmarks to change the default search of all listings (including invoice and export)
  • Change select box for colors: pre-select from a configured list via dropdown
  • Redesigned action-toolbar on detail pages
  • Export preview with money and time totals grouped by customer
  • Highlight invisible/deactivated items with light yellow background


  • Configure start of "financial year"
  • Improved "Sunday being first day of week"
  • Select report as initial view after login
  • Configure the initial reporting view


  • Added preview grouped by customer
  • Batch generation of invoices
  • Added invoice archive with search
  • Save payment date for invoices
  • Export list of generated invoices


  • Display a daily total in "week" and "day" view
  • Delete a time entry in the calendar view via drag & drop

New reports

  • Monthly view for all users
  • Yearly view for all users
  • Project overview
  • Inactive projects