New address - changed terms and invoices

2021-01-09, 21:00

Dear Kimai Cloud customers, today we want to inform you about an update on changed billing regulations and an adjustment in the terms and conditions.

I recently moved with my wife and our daughter from Munich (Germany) to Vienna (Austria). As part of this cross-border move, I founded a new company in Austria and adapted the invoicing to the jurisdiction of Austria.

This primarily affects B2B customers from Germany and Austria, as the reverse charge regulation is flipped around. Customers from Austria now pay the domestic VAT of 20%, while German B2B customers no longer pay VAT directly but receive reverse charge invoices.

There is another change for all EU customers who do not have an EU VAT ID (e.g. small entrepreneurs): they will be listed as private customers until further notice and we will charge (under the Mini-One-Stop-Shop Program) the VAT valid in their country. For the purpose of proving business use, you can declare the account as business in your profile and confirm this to us via a support message.


Due to the transition period regarding the UK's exit from the EU, which has now expired on 01 January, the invoicing to customers from the UK has also changed. These are now treated as a third country.

Change of the General Terms and Conditions

The General Terms and Conditions now contain the new Vienna address and Austrian VAT (email and telephone number remained the same). Due to the new company location, the jurisdiction has also changed from Munich to Vienna. If you would like to use your special right of termination due to this change, please write to the support.