New features - September 2022

Lesen Sie diese Nachricht auf Deutsch: Neue Funktionen - September 2022

During September 2022 all clouds will be updated to the latest Kimai version.

Your clouds might be in maintenance mode for around 1 minute during the update. In case of any question or problem, please contact our support.


  • New: added a brand new importer for Customer, Project and Timesheet in JSON and CSV format
  • New: keyboard shortcuts for the most important actions
  • Project: allow to restrict usage of global activities for projects
  • Calendar: configurable calendar drag and drop behavior (whether to copy description and tags)
  • Weekly-Hours: order by project name
  • Budget: show total hourly rate in detail pages
  • Invoice: support own fonts in custom PDF templates
  • Invoice: link customer, project and activity in invoice listing
  • Invoice: disable create-invoice links after click
  • Invoice/Export: Total sums for duration and hourly-rate in invoice and export preview
  • Invoice/Export: use inline disposition for PDF previews (do not download, but preview in browser)
  • Export: make project and customer available in summaries for custom templates
  • Report: added budget-type independent listing in "project monthly" report
  • SAML: configure whether user roles will be reset on SAML login (allows to keep manual assigned groups)
  • SAML: replace default group mapping names with configuration
  • Audit: improved query speed for entries with multiple related changes
  • Translation: added Croatian
  • Translation: updated all languages
  • Translation: added Dutch and Polish translations for Expenses
  • Translation: added Polish translations for audit logs

Fixed bugs

  • Multiple budget validation checks were not triggered in edge cases
  • Do not require user_preference permission when creating new user
  • Weekly-Hours were editable in "lockdown" if "grace period" was matching midnight

Platform updates

And in case you missed them, here are some platform from this year:

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