Updating cloud instances to 1.8

We are currently upgrading all cloud instances. Our customer clouds are currently running Kimai 1.7 and we are upgrading to Kimai 1.8.

The next update for Kimai 1.9 will follow in a couple of weeks and will be announced as usual here on the blog.

In case of any question or problem, please use the support channel.

Upcoming changes

Here is a list of the most important changes, that you can look out for:

  • Duplication of projects & timesheet entries
  • User specific rates
  • Polish translations
  • Decimal format in user timesheet export
  • Configurable language and duration format per invoice template
  • Pagination for working time widget
  • API for users and teams

Full changelog

We are committed to the open source world and try to publish everything we do, so here is the full list of all changes:

Version 1.8

Implemented enhancements:

Fixed bugs:

  • Wrong duration for time entries in the future with undefined end #1501
  • dashboard runtime error: Division by zero #1428
  • Kein \<CRLF> im Datenfeld Customer Adress bei Rechnungen #1373
  • format excel cell types in invoices #1507 (kevinpapst)
  • fix passing date objects to project API #1451 (kevinpapst)
  • fixed glyphs in pdf export table header #1435 (infeeeee)
  • Better handling of custom field columns in tables #1419 (kevinpapst)

Closed issues:

  • Invoice generation cares for user permissions #1494
  • login after setup #1493
  • Updating hourly rate on timesheet entry won't work #1482
  • cannot create invoice or preview invoice or export #1460
  • Scheduled Export #1412
  • Unable to start kimai from docker repo #1404
  • Export time in decimal format #1368
  • Feedback Upgrade 1.0 - 2.0 #998

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