Launching a scalable time-tracker quickly and affordably is essential not only for modern startups — Kimai offers massive value for a small fee. Our cloud hosted time-tracking software Kimai is instantly available and ready for you - just minutes after signing up.


Knows no limits

Whether you are paying per user or per month - SaaS software always includes limits. Sudden spikes in demand can result in painful spikes in cost. Our Premium plan knows literally "no limits". In other words, you pay a fixed price per month and can use: unlimited users, unlimited customers, unlimited projects, unlimited activities and unlimited timesheet records. All combined with invoice printing and many more features.


Privacy comes first

We respect your and your users privacy and data. And no, this is not yet another boring introduction into a Privacy policy - that's how we run our business: no tracking, no third party scripts, no data transfer. We don't sell data, we don't analyze or even look at it (besides our payment processes, which obviously need to). We follow the GDPR and will answer any question about involved sub-processors.


Security in Kimai

Kimai implements best-practices in application design to prevent common attacks. Automated security controls are critical to any software development workflow to reduce the amount of time from defect creation to defect detection. Our scans run on every code push, every time.

  • Secure password hashing with bcrypt
  • Granular user-roles restricting access
  • CSRF protection
  • Continuous integration via Travis-CI
  • In-depth code reviews
  • Automated code test with a code coverage above 90%

Security in our platform

Software is only as secure as the system it runs on. We take a defense-in-depth approach to our server and network infrastructure. Customers on our hosted platform are secured through multiple layers of protection.

  • All connections secured via TLS (SSL)
  • Best-practice security: firewalls and brute-force prevention
  • No multi-tenancy. Each customer has their own database
  • Servers are hosted in a data center in the EU
  • Critical services are not accessible to the outside world
  • Code runs in tightly restricted domain environments


What can Kimai do for you? Kimai offers many more features than we present here, these are just some of the most important ones.

Basic Plus Premium
Price €0.00 €1.99 €3.99
Max users 5 25 100
Max customers Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max activities Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
REST API check check check
Invoice printing (DOCX, ODS, XLSX, HTML, CSV) check check check
Data export (PDF, ODS, XLSX, HTML, CSV) remove check check
Audit-Log remove check check
Custom fields remove remove check
Expense tracking remove remove check
Task planning remove remove check
SSL Certificate (TLS) included check check check
Automatic Updates check check check
Server Maintenance check check check
Community Forum check check check
Direct support remove check check
Automatic Backups remove check check
Backup frequency remove Weekly Daily
Priority for feature requests remove check check

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