Open Source

We love open-source software - Kimai is open-source and will ever be, that is a promise!

No vendor lock-in

Vendor lock-in can cost a lot, not just in cash but also in hours. With Kimai, you can host it yourself, have us host it for you, or fork it and change it. You're never locked into a hosted product, and all of your data is easy to export so that if you ever decide Kimai isn't for you anymore, your data is still yours (the same applies to the paid plans, we offer data export upon cancelation).

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Always transparent

With closed source software, you have only the vendor's claims that they're keeping the software secure and adhering to standards. The visibility of the code behind open source software means you can see for yourself. You can always see our responses to the community, the release schedule and milestones, and every commit and pull request review.

Learn more about the code behind Kimai at our GitHub repository.

Which Kimai is right for you?

Open Source

We take care of the software, you take care about the hosting, updates and security.

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Get up and running in seconds, leave the hosting and update to us, you take care about your core business.

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Version comparison

Self-Hosted Cloud
Max users Unlimited Unlimited
Max customers Unlimited Unlimited
Max projects Unlimited Unlimited
Max activities Unlimited Unlimited
Invoice printing (DOCX, ODS, XLSX, HTML, CSV) check check
Data export (PDF, ODS, XLSX, HTML, CSV) check check
Community Forum check check
Audit-Log Paid plugin check
Custom fields Paid plugin check
Expense tracking Paid plugin check
Task planning Paid plugin check
Direct support remove check
Automatic Backups remove check
SSL Certificate (TLS) included remove check
Automatic Updates remove check
Server Maintenance remove check
Priority for feature requests remove check
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