Custom Domain

Only for paying customers

Your Kimai-Cloud can be hosted under your own domain name and we support custom domains including SSL certificate.

This feature allows to run your time-tracking cloud at a custom-domaine (eg. instead of only using the generic cloud domain (eg.

All you need is your own domain name and access to the DNS settings of that domain. You have to create a so called CNAME (short for "Canonical name") entry, with your cloud domain as destination.

Configure your DNS

Here is an example screenshot of such a DNS setting:

It is unlikely that you need it in this syntax, but in "technical speech" this would be:  IN CNAME

This example shows the custom domain configured to point to the Kimai-Cloud domain As you can see: cloud name and subdomain name do not have to match.

Be aware that a CNAME record can only be used, if your domain already has an A record:   IN A  IN CNAME

You can also point to a top-level domain, it doesn't have to be a subdomain.

Configure custom domain

In the last step you enter your domain in your profile under Custom domain:

It usually takes a couple of hours until our system are able to utilize this new domain, especially if you tested the integration before creating the DNS entry. In that case our servers will have to wait until new DNS information are available (the waiting time depends on your TTL).

After the custom domain and SSL certificate were successfully activated, you will be informed by email.

SSL certificate

Kimai-Cloud domains always require the use of SSL. After registering the custom domain in our system, we will issue an SSL certificate (via LetsEncrypt) on your behalf for this domain.


There are no additional costs involved with the certificate or the custom domain feature, it is included in your paid plan.

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