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Update: Working time account

2023-09-09, 10:00

You asked for it ... and I listened. Today I'm back with the most anticipated and biggest feature update I've ever created for Kimai 🎉.

  • Comparison of expected and actual working time
  • Yearly working time view
  • Monthly approvals with PDF
  • Management of public holidays
  • Booking of holidays, sickness, time off and other absences
  • ... and this is just the beginning, more functions are already being implemented

Please watch the video to learn more:

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Kimai-Cloud 2.0 - our biggest update so far!

2023-02-18, 20:00

Today is a big day for the Kimai Cloud, as we gradually start rolling out our biggest update to date to all customers. This update is not one of the usual maintenance updates, but a completely renewed version, that has been worked on for over a year and has involved hundreds of hours and just as many changes.

As it would be impossible to list all the changes in detail, we are only sharing a list of the most exciting (from our point of view) adjustments today.

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Invoices with wrong tax rate

2022-12-14, 22:00

Dear customers, we have noticed that there was a problem with PDF invoicing for the Cloud.

Between the end of November and mid-December, invoices from some European customers who are subject to the One-Stop-Shop regulation (i.e. EU invoices without reverse charge) showed a tax rate of 0%, although the correct tax rate was used to calculate the tax amount. This was primarily a visual problem in the invoices, but can lead to problems with accounting / tax.

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