Updating cloud instances to 1.9

We are currently upgrading all cloud instances. The cloud is currently running Kimai 1.8 and we are upgrading to Kimai 1.9.

The next update for Kimai 1.10 will follow in a couple of weeks and will be announced as usual here on the blog.

In case of any question or problem, please use the support channel.

Upcoming changes

Here is a list of the most important changes, that you can look out for:

  • Invoice: archive for created invoices with status
  • Invoice: configurable invoice number format
  • Export: improved Excel tables with auto filters and more
  • Listing: support for many new columns in all views (hidden by default: give the "eye" icon a try)
  • Rates: User based rates and differentiation between customer invoices (external rates) and internal rates
  • Short summaries on invoice and export previews
  • Multiselect of customer, project and activity in search filters
  • Translations in Esperanto
  • Highlight overlapping times (red lines between time entries)

Full changelog

We are committed to the open source world and try to publish everything we do, so here is the full list of all changes:

Version 1.9

Implemented enhancements:

Fixed bugs:

  • "To" is not correctly calculated from timesheets view #1638
  • Uncaught PHP Exception Doctrine\ORM\ORMInvalidArgumentException #1618
  • Expired projects are hidden in search form under My Times #1615
  • error when creating invoice #1590
  • Optical error when deleting roles #1588
  • Installation via FTP | 500 server error | Path /assets /css missing? #1586
  • Database import from Kimai 1.3.1 #1573
  • Password rest #1566
  • kimai2_users title field length limit will cause error logging in via SAML if SAML provided title is too long. #1562
  • setCustomer() must be an instance #1539
  • Accounting person cannot see Time Sheets #1525
  • Upgrade from v1 fails with v1.8 due to undefined method setHourlyRate #1519
  • Export reporting wrong durations vs. Print #1496
  • fix removing single permissions from event #1661 (kevinpapst)
  • added translate filter for meta-fields in detail pages #1655 (kevinpapst)
  • fix annotation for collections #1654 (kevinpapst)
  • show expired projects in search filter #1641 (kevinpapst)
  • remove roles from users when role is deleted #1640 (kevinpapst)
  • fix duration calculation in admin timesheet view #1639 (kevinpapst)
  • Search term fixes for API #1597 (kevinpapst)
  • fix non-ascii character break invoice download #1592 (kevinpapst)
  • ensure user attributes are truncated #1580 (kevinpapst)
  • improve kimai v1 importer #1543 (kevinpapst)
  • fix timesheet permissions for non-admins #1542 (kevinpapst)
  • fix pdf creation for very large exports #1533 (kevinpapst)
  • [BUGFIX] Escape distinguished name in ldap search #1528 (sabbelasichon)
  • fixing rates in kimai v1 import #1521 (kevinpapst)

Closed issues:

  • Activity dropdown not working in v1.8 #1662
  • Updating to 1.8 can't acces #1660
  • Populate project and customer by activity selection #1634
  • Stop button not working #1632
  • Installation instructions shared host: add netcup #1620
  • unable to export to pdf invoice #1619
  • Invoice generation not taking quantity into consideration #1531
  • A little more help regarding adding Exports and adjusting the Dashboard #1347

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