Many of our users would prefer to host Kimai internally because of company policies, but still want to know they are supported. We are happy to help, and offer a pro-support plan for self-hosted users.

Support for self-hosting

We do not offer email support for free, self-hosted users, however our community support on Github is responsive.

Please search through the existing issues to see if your problem has already been addressed or fixed. If it hasn't, provide the information asked for when creating a new issue at Github.

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Cloud and PRO-Support

Email support is only available to our paying cloud or PRO-Support customers.

We offer affordable prices to enable you to focus on managing your IT department and let us handle the installation, maintenance and upgrades of your Kimai installation.

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PRO-Support - Questions and answers

  • How much is the PRO-Support plan?
    You can choose between a monthly subscription of € 50 or an annual subscription of € 500.
  • What does the pro-support plan cover?
    As a pro-support plan customer, you will get personal help with upgrades, as well as priority bugfixes and feature requests from the engineers who built Kimai. If your IT team runs into trouble with your Kimai install, you won't find anyone more qualified to help.

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